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Contractors to draw knowledge of building materials and the latest technology, the study of architecture is the sensitivity of the design. It’s seems like everyone these days you go green, you can find a number of manufacturers that produce a material that you can not find on the shelves of last year. It is a combination of skills that produce outstanding architects in the world today. And are in need of residential houses and churches and modern design architects this high-rise, the cottage large, lakeside old, it’s a demand for never-ending for the structure to meet the needs of people outside.

World of architecture is all around us. In order to bring a sense of enduring beauty of the eyes of the beholder, it has a design to become one of the most important structures of the human conquest. They had been waiting for a long time people please refer to the structure or it monuments iconic, and architect valuable experience had, but it specifies whether alive a year of joy. While other organizations and private guest is planned, some structures are designed for commercial and industrial applications. The focus of this article is to study the design and construction of the housing structure again. Relationship line, shape and materials, the structure of almost all affect the architecture.

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Over the years, the number of architecture has been developed for the construction of houses. Many of these structures have to meet the needs of families climate conditions and in different parts of the country. Others are planned especially for luxurious living. All these factors affect the historical background of today, the design of the house. Some country-style, was popular as a country and name they are constructed format, it is time, or is associated with. Emphasis here will be used for many years, and now you can imitate, in the quality of human design that has been taken in the modern home. Please see many of the old design that affect modern architecture, green building, the new structure of many today.

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