The Best Glass Architecture

"The Best Glass Architecture"
Glass architecture is considered by some as a turning point in the history of architecture. A new era was born when the glass is used to allow more light and eliminate the feeling of being closed instead of only a limited field of glass allowed people the feeling of being in the world of possibilities and dreams to experience unlimited.


One of the most important buildings in the history of architecture is the Crystal Palace in London. Built in 1851 at the Great Exhibition, which opened the way for the use of glass to house in architecture. Made of steel and glass is allowed more creative efforts of architects with vision and dreams unlike any of its predecessors. Other structures using glass in architecture are London Bridge and the Tokyo International Forum. The use of glass as a design element of these structures has allowed to show how the effects of glass can create not only beautiful, but also affects the culture of a society for the better. Architects

A building architectural glass used very brave thing is the Sears Tower in Chicago. For visitors brave this building is seen glazed balconies overlooking Chicago any more. Now known as the Willis Tower, the balconies are almost 1400 meters high from the ground and are not for the faint hearted. For those who live in houseboats with glass makes you feel like you are walking on the water. Plot of glass are two storeys high with floor to ceiling glass throughout, including at the feet of a person. These boats are on the coast of Dubai and mobile homes are final.

GLASS in modern homes

Use glass is not limited to office buildings, historic sites and luxury yachts. Glass architecture is increasingly common in ordinary houses. Homeowners, as natural light and space that allow a sense deceptively large inside/outside. Glass is a very cheap material and can be recycled as environmentalists. Production and crystal technology has also changed from a conviction was too fragile glass as a material for the use of the recognition that a strong and secure energy – efficient equipment .


The glass can be used for many exterior architectural house plans, including skylights, entrances, canopies, conservatories and doors. Houses glowing with natural light and offer spectacular outdoor are highly desired by the modern home owner today.


Internal Uses glass in your home are stairs, walkways and walls. Some houses have entire walls of glass, providing limited privacy, but a touch of sophistication. A concern has been the use of glass is of the heating and cooling systems. Expense This is not a problem thanks to the different types of glass, such as spectrally selective, allowing the beneficial light but maintains the sun away. Therefore, not only glass for windows but also many other home accessories.

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