Types of Roofs Coverings


Roof is one of the most important elements in house because the roof is what makes the house protected from weather and climates. However, today roof coverings are not only used for protecting the house, but also enhance the value of the house. There are some types of roofs that can be used to complete the construction of a house and each type of roof can be suited to different styles of a house. When you are looking for a good type of roof for your house, consider the durability as well as the aesthetic value of the house. Continue reading

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How to Make Urban Rooftop Gardens


Urban rooftop gardens are one of the types of rooftop garden that you should consider. Many people using the rooftop garden for many kind of purpose such as decorative benefit, food supply, hydrological benefit and temperature benefit. Urban rooftop is one of the types to consider. It is the rooftop gardens that are used in the bug city building such as in the new York, Manhattan and Seattle. This also helped by the fact that those cities have many buildings that can be used for the rooftop building. Unlike, the small town where there are only few tall and big buildings. Besides that, the rooftop gardens in the city are usually bigger than in the small town. Continue reading

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Excellent Bungalow Design by Christopher Polly


A bungalow is a place that can give comfortable feels for the owner. This is what trying to express by an Australian architect, Christopher Polly. By the end of 2012, he had just finished a project extending a bungalow which located in Sydney, Australia. This bungalow was built in the second floor and there are some extra spaces at the back and bottom of the building. For the bungalow design, Polly took SDA Structures. While for the installation of pipelines, he entrusted to ACOR Consultants. Finally, in December 2012, this building has been completed established. Continue reading

Small Patio Garden is a Good Idea to Feel Relax


Patio garden in small space can have wonderful details and contrasts. Putting patio for your garden don’t need big space to add it, you can put it on corner of the room, hang it to the wall, and others. Whether you are going to having it around your small house or even in tiny apartment, creating small garden plats are best way to make special outdoors rooms. There is much kind of type to build your garden such as in square or rectangular plantings which are cheaper and it is good option in small garden. You may planting like herbs, vegetable, or even flowers. Planning garden is very important especially before summer come because plants are often harvest in summer season. Continue reading

Georgeous And Simple Modern House Design


Simple modern house design defined as the minimalist home style which is quite popular used by the people these days. Well, in this modern era, people usually like to use simple and economic things, that is why this kind of house model becomes favorite among the modern people. If you are interested in this design, there are various interesting modern house designs which are already available on the internet. You can look at the internet to find the best inspirations and ideas which might suit your taste. On the internet, you can also look at the simple modern house plans photos. With those photos, you can make your own plan suited with your own favorite house model. Continue reading

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Attractive Landscape Garden Ideas


Landscape design is quite easy when you already had the concept; designing landscape is not that expensive. If you have small budget, here are landscape garden ideas that require small budget. The first thing that you have to do is planning. You have to consider the price of every single item and the possible alternative. Small budget does not mean that you will have simple landscape design, you can make attractive and useful landscape garden with your own creativity. You have to plan the concept of the design, item needed and the price. The second is the plant. Plant can beautify the appearance of the garden. Plant is the most important part in your garden. If you have small budget to buy the trees, you may buy seeds. Indeed, you may need couple of years to grow the seed, yet seeds are inexpensive. Continue reading

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