Is Vinyl Fencing a Good Choice?

Vinyl fencing is made of pvc (polyvinyl chloride) and has taken a hard hit due to products of the past. They were known to yellow and become extremely brittle. Advances in the chemical formulation now make it one of the most durable products to use for fencing. Installing pvc fence is faster than most types of materials and has the ability to last for generations.

Will Vinyl Fencing Fade or Yellow?

Vinyl fence material will gradually lose the ability to reflect light as it does for the first few years, but the better products are formulated using UV protection to keep it from yellowing. Sun fade will never be a problem with the vinyl of today.

Is Vinyl Fencing Prone to Damage, Cracking, Peeling, Chipping or Breaking in Hot and Cold Temperatures?

Vinyl is created to be more giving and forgiving in use. It will bend and flex back into place in most instances, whereas metal and wood are rigid and will most likely break, crack or end up with a permanent deformity. Vinyl has a flash point of 900 degrees Fahrenheit, which means the hottest summer days will not melt the product as some fear. Plastic products are a bit more fragile in excessively cold temperatures, but barring a direct hit with a hard object the fencing should be perfectly fine.

How Long Does a Vinyl Fence Last?

A vinyl fence is designed and constructed to last a lifetime with regular wear and tear. It will lose a little of its initial luster after a few years, but the color will still be very vibrant and eye-pleasing. To extend the life it is best to avoid direct impact with hard objects like rocks, metal and hard hits by moving cars, trucks or motorcycles.

Is Vinyl a Strong Fencing Material?

Unlike metal and wood counterparts, vinyl fencing is made to bend slightly with mild impacts and stress. It is formulated to bounce back nicely. It will generally outperform metal and wood fencing.

Is Vinyl Fencing High Maintenance?

There is a little routine cleaning and care that needs done, but vinyl fencing is relatively maintenance free. It is best to not lean heavy objects against the fence for any length of time. Cleaning it is as easy as using soap and water and rinsing it with a hose. The fencing will stay pristine looking for many years to come. It is not subject to mold, insect infestation or rot like wood. It will never rust away like metals.

How Expensive Is Vinyl Fencing Material?

Vinyl fence material is slightly higher than wood, but less expensive than metal. This places the product in the moderate price range, but the years of ultimate performance make it a smart option to consider for your next fence replacement.

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