Tips Select Exterior And Interior Glass Uses

grand-glass-lake-houseArchitectural glass is considered by some as a milestone in the history of architecture. Glass is used by more light and a feeling of being in a limited range of glass instead of a new era restricted to a world of people that you can experience the feeling was born leapt get that one. With endless possibilities and dreams


Crystal Palace in London is one of the most important buildings in the history of architecture. The use of glass in architecture has made the way for the construction of a major exhibition in 1851 was opened. Steel and not as before, consist with the vision of the creative efforts of architects and allows more dreams of glass. Other buildings and architectural use London Bridge and the Tokyo International Forum glass. In this structure, architects can use beautiful glass greenhouse effect as a design element, but also a better society may only allow you to see the culture.

Sears Tower in Chicago, a building that uses a very distinct architectural glass. Never dared visitors to the building, as seen with glass balcony overlooking Chicago. Now known as the Willis Tower, from the balcony, but nearly 1,400 yards for the faint of heart. For those who live in residential use glass as if walking on the water, you feel. Under his feet on the ground, including a two-stage approximate glass ceiling glass container. This boat is the ultimate motorhome off the coast of Dubai.


The use of glass office buildings, historic sites and is not limited to luxury yachts. Architectural glass has become more common in ordinary houses. As host of natural light and space, offers indoor / outdoor feel, great looks. Glass is also a very cheap material and may be recycled in the entertainment environment. Glass production and technology, but also more efficient, safer and more energy efficient to use to identify the material, because the material is made of glass is very fragile faith changed.

CAM for outdoor use

Glass can be used for many exterior architectural house plans, skylights, doors, porches, conservatories and a revolving door are used. Home exudes natural sunlight and thus demanded by today’s modern owner offers spectacular views of the countryside.

CAM indoors

Stairs, walkways and walls of glass for internal use, such as someone’s home. Limited to some houses have a whole wall of glass, privacy, but offers little sophistication. One concerns the use of heating and cooling from pine wood. It is now profitable because of a problem with different spectral selective, but still far from the glass lets the sun rays. So many home accents glass windows only for now, but at the same time.

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