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kitchen-remodelNo one can increase the value of your home as a thoughtful, high-end kitchen remodel. The kitchen is the heart of your home, and take care of it will make your home all the better. It is important work, and one that should be given much thought. It is important to have all of your options so that you’re a grown best thought.

A part of the planning is a picture and a plan in place and ready to go. 3D can give a great look how your kitchen will look even before the work begins. This is a very good tool to have, and can save you time and money. Do not have the time to design after the kitchen torn apart. With a plan in place to make the project remains on budget and schedule.

Here are some things to remember about a high-end kitchen remodels:

Equipment and cabinets

For cabinets, you should know the type of wood will work best in your home. To be determined, the cabinet door styles and finishes. Many leading furniture designers recommend or factory finish, unlike anything that takes place finish.

Right cabinet design depends on the equipment. Standard size ranges and refrigerators are no longer the norm in high-end remodels. People who choose to go with a wider range of additional burner capacity. Remember that the size effect on the size of the range hood and if you go bigger, so will cut cubic feet per minute (CFM). If you succeed you will have 300 CFM of air passively minimal. Much larger tires may require special make-powered air system. Concern was pulled from the hood to draw air from other products in the home, such as gas water heater instead of letting these tools to vent. Carbon monoxide can cause problems, so you should be careful. Depending on the complexity, a large cut an additional $ 1000 to $ 2500.

Other big items going to the fridge in the kitchen. Once it is flush with countertops style choice, but one that will contribute to the cost. Many are now choosing to table the depth refrigerator, although they can cost $ 1,000 to $ 2,500 more than traditional fridge. Other popular devices include refrigerators extra cabinet or a drawer, wine refrigerator, hot tractor, built in convection / microwave, additional oven, and more.


Built-in lighting is very popular in high-end remodels. A popular upgrade in built lighting is the use of LED lights, which will cost more to add, but light years longer and are much more energy efficient, so they will pay for themselves. Price for led upgrade has gone down considerably and will soon be the norm.

Lighting up, down or in the closet is also very popular. These options range from Xenon light LED for the puck to halogen and more. Some options will require the installation of the transformer, so it is important to consider all the options. Also think about how you are going to replace the lights go out and make it so replacement will not be a problem. Built-in lighting or special, you want to consider the idea of ??the switch with dimmer.

Countertops and sinks

Maintenance-free is what most homeowners look for a table. They also have to think about the backsplash, or a tile or sheet, and if the tiles? Accents can also be installed, but it must be determined where it starts and stops.

Sinks and taps, is the most popular option undermounted. The factors that influence the choice include whether it is a front apron, size, or there will be a vegetable sink and / or Insta Hot. Sink type popular with high-end remodels including sales surfaces, porcelain, stainless steel and many more.


Tile is often the most durable type of flooring, but it can be expensive, cold and unforgiving if you drop something on it. Other popular choices include wood, laminate and vinyl.

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