How to Make Urban Rooftop Gardens


Urban rooftop gardens are one of the types of rooftop garden that you should consider. Many people using the rooftop garden for many kind of purpose such as decorative benefit, food supply, hydrological benefit and temperature benefit. Urban rooftop is one of the types to consider. It is the rooftop gardens that are used in the bug city building such as in the new York, Manhattan and Seattle. This also helped by the fact that those cities have many buildings that can be used for the rooftop building. Unlike, the small town where there are only few tall and big buildings. Besides that, the rooftop gardens in the city are usually bigger than in the small town.

If you want to make the good rooftop garden you need to learn about how to make a rooftop garden. There are 8 simple ways to do it. First, it is to know if the building can be used for rooftop garden. you need to know if it is able to hold the garden. Second, you need to find the best architect or rooftop garden specialist. Third, you need choose the design that will become the layout of the garden. Fourth, you need to make the plants able to live in the roof, you need to ask the planting expert for it. fifth, get containers or furniture to put the plant. You can choose the light one. sixth, make the way to water the garden. Seventh, find the way that less windy. Last, you can ask consultant regularly after you make it.

Now, after you can learn how to make the rooftop garden, there are few examples of rooftop garden designs you can use. First, it is Lighted ornamented planted Based rooftop Garden. It is a brilliant combination of the plants and the lights. The plants are well beautifully potted and cut, while the light arrangement enhances the charm of the plant. It will make the garden look more romantic. Second, it is cooking enabled rooftop garden. It is a good kind of the good rooftop garden ideas. This garden will make you appealing for cooking especially for barbeque lovers. It will give you excitement when you are cooking.

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