Excellent Bungalow Design by Christopher Polly


A bungalow is a place that can give comfortable feels for the owner. This is what trying to express by an Australian architect, Christopher Polly. By the end of 2012, he had just finished a project extending a bungalow which located in Sydney, Australia. This bungalow was built in the second floor and there are some extra spaces at the back and bottom of the building. For the bungalow design, Polly took SDA Structures. While for the installation of pipelines, he entrusted to ACOR Consultants. Finally, in December 2012, this building has been completed established.

In general, this project is actually a bungalow extension ideas. The project of a bungalow extension has been established previously. The extra rooms in the bungalow are an extension of the bungalow building. The extent can be 2 times the size of the original house building. On the upper floor there are extensions where there are a bedroom, bathroom, and a study room. Meanwhile, on the bottom floor (basement), there is a fairly wide open space that has function as a living room and dining room. Both of these rooms are on one level with that of the bungalow park, so while enjoying eating and hanging out with the family, the home owner can enjoy the beauty of the park that are outside.

This bungalow extensions are available in this building is constructed not without purpose. The architect, Christopher Polly, designing the room’s extensions is seemed not symmetrical with the whole building. But, precisely therein lies the value of art and its eccentric, where the two points is a reflection of the unique shape of the original building. This extension is intended to expand the building so that natural light can enter the house through the large windows which are mounted on the each side. Inside the room, there is a staircase that connects the ground floor with a basement where there is a living room and dining room on the floor. The base and the floor was never really – really met, so there will be the impression of ‘float’ in this room. There is also a storage closet that is mounted on the basement floor.

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