Designing a Fabulous Flower Garden


When designing a garden of wonderful flowers, create a list of plants that are considering before you buy. High growth in the background of the plant, it is important for those in the group of medium-high split in the middle of the edge of the foreground plants and garden, and low growth. Color, flowering time, something unusual about the shape and the like, in order to support the leaf color, the arrangement of the garden, including information such as the texture, and each plant. And to function as an accent or focal point, in this case, the plant may be sufficient, they will identify whether it is most advantageous to view a group of 3 or 5. Some plants can be put out the beauty of its own, if planted flowers, it is better together in order to achieve the effect beautiful grown most other. These are important things to consider before you actually plants.

The final step in the design of the flower garden is to plan on paper. You can not go into the garden a well-planned nothing, why because it is very important to the garden of your dreams carefully, it will no doubt become your time and effort, planning of waste incorrectly. In order to achieve this look great for your garden, somewhere in the middle back-end high, medium, please fill out a plan for growing plants to tall low growth in the foreground. As they grow, three groups of plant height is different, so there is no impact in the garden level and straight. Uniformity of height and color of many, the attraction of your garden, you want too. When a group of plants begin to bloom, because of the different heights overlooking fully show their interest, it is not mutual. It is really great.

One of the most difficult aspects of succession planning is to maintain the color of the garden. There is only a little more perennial flowers, as flowers bloom cherry blossoms and lily day, there are plenty of people who have for a long time. Constant mass of color so as to maintain, it is important to leave space for annuals, such as marigolds and red like that. Yearbook, you can follow such as tulip bulbs lose leaves after flowering.

Look at the main park, this flowering of many species of plants and gardening up at this time because it may be longer, spring is a great time to plan the flowers in early summer. This is the second time the best for you long-lasting color and mass aconite Michael daisies, monkshood, chrysanthemum, aster and the late summer and fall.

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