Basic Process of Home Construction


You don’t have a good idea of ??what happened during the construction of our house all the time. Therefore, a lot of questions, such as many home buyers: Do you how long it takes to build a house? What is involved in the construction? Can you visit the site?

If you find the same question to yourself, if only to provide an overview, including the method of construction, the general idea of ??the process and help you further, in this article if you are building a house I will help you to understand the basic process.

  1. Before construction – Started before planning to put the city for review in order to complete the construction of the first house, get a building permit, has been developed. Construction permit is required for construction area covers electricity, sewer connection, septic tank systems, piping, architect. In addition, the developers also, but to perform soil testing on site, please check the capacity of soil, surface water, and the test environment.
  2. Foundation - Prepared after receiving a building permit, if necessary, all initial tests must be carried out of the house in the country. It is stacked on another location in order to remove the soil for later use. We went with formative foundation consists of poured also supported DIG, a reinforced concrete foundation walls. Also set up a foundation wall. This process blocks separated wood or permanently preserved by a process of a temporary wood or concrete formwork. Also weeping tile is installed to be drained away from home soil moisture. In this phase, the home builder is required to determine much floor, cupboards, tiles and.
  3. Framing - This phase includes the creation of the framing of the framework. It is also possible to use other techniques or framing, are also used for the outer cladding. There is a framework of one wall at a time that is released is then built on top of the floor. Windows and doors are installed during this phase. During this process, it is also built underground, have been installed. Kicking along with electricity and plumbing, heating, cooling, and ventilation. During this period, in order to verify that the house is built to comply with building codes, city government carried out a check of the structure. We also carried out inspection of the electrical and plumbing.
  4. Interior and exterior work - And at the same time will be able to take into account the proper planning, the next step, he did inside and inner design. Insulation of the outer wall is made, heating and cooling system is installed, has been used a steam barrier. During this process, the walls and ceiling will be painted the cabinet floor raid that is attached, kitchen, bathroom. These are some of the tasks that are related to this phase. In addition, during this phase, homebuilder, you will stay in touch with you to keep the latest progress of the construction.
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