Are you about to buy an aircon? What brand should we choose? What is it involved in the installation? Who should I ask for information? Are there different types?


All those questions pop up into our minds when we go to buy an aircon. The “problem” is that there are hundreds of different types, sizes and brands available in the market place today. But to make things easier we can group them into two categories: mobile and fixed air conditioners. With the first ones we have to say that their use is quite limited due to their efficiency ratio and high noise levels. However, we must say that they are an excellent solution for example in commercial environments where noise is not an issue. On the other hand, fixed aircons are a good solution for domestic uses and,  eventhough they are a bit noisy, we can say that they are quiet enough to have them at home.

In terms of brands, we must say that the Asian market crash of ten years ago has lead to massive price reductions of all consumer items within Europe in recent times and it includes the aircons. This price crash now means there a multitude of air conditioners to choose from.


It is difficult to make generalisations about brand names and countries, but just to name some we could include in the list the following ones: Carrier, Whirlpool, DeLonghi, Friedrich, Kenmore, Fedders, Sunpentown, Panasonic, Samsung, Haier, Frigidaire or GoldStar among many others.

Which one to buy is hard to tell but it seems sensible not to buy an aircon if you have never heard of the brand or the manufacturer. We would better apply the same brand purchase rules that we would use to buy any other expensive object as for example a car or a top HiFi computer. As the saying goes you get what you pay for and this is why asking ourselves some questions make the efford worthy.

What size do I need? In air conditioning size matters because if it is too small your house will not be properly cooled and then your cash would have been completely wasted. Inverter or fixed speed? The first one has a compressor that speeds up or slows down according to load, and the traditional or fixed one has speed systems similar to your fridge or boiler.

What unit do I need if I want to buy an indoor aircon? There are five main units which we should take into consideration. The first one is the so called Cassette which is like the ones you see in the ceiling of Banks. The second one is the Wall mount. Then we have the Floor mount and the Ducted which is hidden away from view. And, finally,  we have the Under Ceiling used when there is insufficient ceiling void for a cassette unit.

But all in all the format most used is the wall mounted indoor system because they are the cheapest and and also because of its size. These are the basic things we must never forget once we have decided to buy an aircon. Now it is up to you! Don’t forget to do your research and if you’re based in South Africa then why not check out GMC aircon the countries leading Aircon distributors. It is so pleasant to work with experts. Check out this page to find out more regarding classic cars classifieds.

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