Advantages Between High Pressure Laminate Instead of Melamine

Edge-materialsMost of the time I heard the words, face to face or melamine. Where appropriate product in their territory, are not comparable with laminated boards produced, sent vibrations through me. So what’s the difference? I do not know of many potential users, and I was among them until I joined the industry. Here, there is no technical difference:

Low Pressure Melamine – HPL is a high-pressure laminate. The visual similarity, even if another production, what this means is that
Sometimes referred to as direct laminates made of melamine under pressure 500 psi. This is melamine resin thermally melting the solid sheet of paper to form a plastic substrate. At this point, usually connected or bonded particle board or MDF or fiber form LTD.
High-pressure laminate or resin from multiple layers of kraft paper impregnated HPL. 1400 psi, more than three times as high as the melamine under pressure. This is done with a special adhesive surface for 14 hours, want to get a very good grip. Surfaces that. Now a problem in most weight poplar plywood, MDF, or that is prescribed I can chipboard or birch and the like added to other substrates.
Well, let’s say, well, what are the pros and cons?

Due to the high process HPL panel with wood melamine surface more durable and resistant to scratching and gouging comb it difficult resinsurface. Plenty of water and chemicals, standard, vertically, or can be reached by postforming grade. HPL on the bathroom floor because it waterproof poplar wood is very popular. It is used in their design, limited in fact, because of the latest technology in HPL decorative paper allows the selection of colors and designs. The graphics, logos, images or anything else! Off-the-shelf product allows design bit color and laminated. Look at the difference between HPL and Melamine wood core. Lamicolor same quality laminate Artisan ELS ELS signature that has an uncanny resemblance to Formica or Polyrey most of the time, and others were fake melamine products.

So why do some companies buy melamine product?

Yes, it was ready-made full use of un-framed panels and light have bought, or can be used in dry conditions, but the price is more common. HPL is the beginning is cheap, but all those who for a long term and the company better reflects the quality of land suitable for implementation in or out, then this option is actually very simple. HPL is all about!

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