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Product Reviews Ante Room Cart

What is an ante room cart? The ante room cart is a passage way that is made of aluminum. It is shaped like a door. The cart can fit around a 36 inch, a 42 inch or a 48 inch hospital room door. This apparatus was first introduced in 2007. This cart is used as a dust containment system and an infection control system. It is designed to improve the ways hospitals perform construction work onsite. Here is a closer look at the pros and cons of the HepaCarts’ ante room cart.

Pros: Ante Room Carts

There are ante room cart pros that customers should know. Hospital workers and construction workers have to control dust and other particles when they are doing maintenance, construction or renovation projects. The ante room cart allows the hospital to reduce the levels of dust and other air-borne pathogens. Dust and other particles can make patients, staff and employees sick. An ante room cart makes the work environment safe and it can reduce respiratory infections.

This cart is about 80 inches in length, 68 inches in height, about 29 inches wide. It can be used on heating ventilation and air conditioning projects. Construction companies are using these units during ceiling tile replacement, electric work, plumbing installation, fire damper work, fire stopping and light replacement. Simply put, the product locks on an access door and creates pressure that stops particles and airborne agents from traveling to other areas of the building.

Cons: Ante Room Carts

There are ante room cart cons that customers should know. Customers need to learn more information about this product. Customers want to know where they can buy this product. They also want to know how much the product cost. One customer said, “How does the product collect dust and filter dust?”

Customers are also trying to find out if this product is certified. Clients need more information about this product before they invest money in the product. There are thousands of companies and hospitals that have never heard of an ante room cart. How long does it takes for the product to be delivered and is there a training program for customers employees?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line tells customers that this is an excellent product that is unknown in the market. However, customers will buy this product when they obtain more information about its features, benefits, costs and instructions on how to use this product.


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